Par La Main Vintage French Sheet Music Lyrics, 1957 Aime Duva

Par La Main Vintage French Sheet Music Lyrics, 1957 Aime Duval

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Par La Main is a Vintage French Sheet Music with Lyrics by Aime Duval 1957, a Jesuit Priest, Guitarist, Singer and Writer.

Par La Main Paroles et Musique de Aime Duval, a First Edition piece of Vintage French Sheet Music, published in 1957 by Editions de L'EPI at 13 Rue Seguier, Paris (6).

The single sheet of cream colored paper measures 7 inches x 10 1/2" when folded, with the front page block printed in barn red. The music and lyrics, all in French, comprise the inside two pages, and the final page provides information about the song and the Collection "Chante ta joie."

Besides the musical score and words, three more verses are included, each in four line stanzas.

Aime Duval (1918-1984) was a French singer, composer and guitarist, as well as a Jesuit priest. Extremely popular during the 1950s, his songs are still played and his music reprinted.

This particular piece of collectible paper ephemera appears to be a 1st edition.

It is in good condition, with a few crinkles on the edges of the sheet, a slight fold across the entire sheet, and in pencil on the front page "100 --" which I take to mean that long ago someone sold it for 100 French francs.

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