Wags of the Stage, 1902  Joseph Whitton No. 55 of Edition of 500 Copies
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Wags of the Stage 1902 Joseph Whitton No 55 of Edition of 500 Copies

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Wags of the Stage, 1902 by Joseph Whitton is a Rare Book, No. 55 of a Limited De Lux Edition of 500 illustrated copies, concerned with American theater, actors' biographies and the drama of the period. The book discusses 17 actors the author, Joseph Whitton, knew well.

You'll find in the 264 pages of this book a treasure trove of entertaining anecdotes and information on such notables as ... Junius Brutus Booth, father of actors Edwin Booth and the notorious John Wilkes Booth; John Brougham, the "genial" Irish & American actor-dramatist and after dinner speaker; John Drew, scion of the grand family of actors related to the Barrymores; and P. T. Barnum, of circus and theatrical fame

There are also 15 glossy black and white portraits, including one of the author "in his salad days." It has 264 pages and measures 6 inches by  9 inches by  1 inch.

Fully half of the book is an essay entitled "William Wheatley. And an Episode of Nicaraguan Life," the interesting story of a trip which Whitton took with the actor.

For its years, the book is in faironly  condition, with some of the pages loose or partly loose from the binding, and some bent corners. The pages are all there, clean and unmarked. The cover is worn, especially along the edges and spine, binding weakened and torn at covers and there is an ancient bookplate of a previous owner on the inside front cover.

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