Hanuman, Authentic Malaysian  Shadow Theater Puppet, Monkey King.
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Hanuman, Authentic Malaysian Shadow Theater Puppet, Monkey King.

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This Malaysian Shadow Puppet is Hanuman, the Monkey King or Monkey God, a major mythical and spiritual figure in Asian literature. This vintage puppet was used by a dalang or puppeteer in performances during the mid-20th century in Malaysia. 

For centuries the shadow play, or shadow theatre, has been a major form of entertainment and moral instruction throughout the Oriental world.

Handcrafted of water buffalo hide, this puppet is at least 75 years old and is in very good vintage condition. Only the colors have faded a bit over time.  This Hanuman puppet is 17 inches tall and  about 10 inches wide, with one articulated arm which is operated by a wooden stick.

The puppet is made with a wooden stick which operates as a kind of spine and keeps the puppet straight.  The stick also protrudes beyond the base of the puppet about 3 inches in a sharp point which is stuck into a banana tree log. This log is a place for the dalang keeps his puppets to be used individually as the shadow play unfolds and as a background for the action of the play.

For Collectors, Historians, Theatre Buffs, and everybody interested in Asian culture this is a rare find!  As an item of home decor, the puppet would also be stunning as a wall hanging!

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