Brush Up Your Shakespeare by Michael Macrone 1990
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Brush Up Your Shakespeare by Michael Macrone 1990

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Brush Up Your Shakespeare! 1990 by Michael Macrone is a delightful Guide to the Bard's Most Quotable Expressions.

Brush Up Your Shakespeare! with numerous illustrations by Tom Lulevitch is a quick, enjoyable and easy way to impress your friends, enliven your conversation and improve your knowledge of Shakespeare's plays. The contents of the book are arranged alphabetically by the first word of the quotation. There is also an index with cross-listing.

You will also find "household words" coined by Shakespeare, a listing of phrases often mistakenly attributed to the Bard and a list of titles borrowed from Shakespeare.

A good book to have near at hand on your library shelf or anywhere. This copy is in near mint condition, perhaps a little browning of pages. It measures 6 inches by 8 1/2 inches by 1 inch and has 235 pages.

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