Short Biographies of American Dramatists David Henry Hwang Preston Jones Lynn Riggs Lanford Wilson Thomas Wolfe Paul Green
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American Dramatists Seven Short Biographies

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Seven brief--43 to 52 pages--paperback biographies (Thomas Wolfe, Paul Green, Lynn Riggs, David Henry Hwang, Joaquin Miller, Preston Jones and Lanford Wilson) of significant Western and Southern American dramatists from the mid to late 20th century.

Paul Green, 1970, Southern Writers Series No. 10 by Walter S. Lazenby is 44 pages long.
Thomas Wolfe, 1969, Southern Writers Series No. 9 by Ladell Payne is 43 pages.
Lynn Riggs, 1970, Southwest Writers Series No. 29 by Thomas A. Erhard is 44 pages long.
David Henry Hwang, 1989, Western Writers Series No. 90 by Douglas Street is 51 pages long.
Preston Jones, 1983, Western Writers Series No. 58 by Mark Busby is 52 pages long.
Lanford Wilson, 1987, Western Writers Series No 81 by Mark Busby is 52 pages long.

Joaquin Miller, 1980, Western Writers Series No. 43 by Benjamin S. Lawson is 52 pages long.

Each books presents the important facts of the particular writer but with a distinctive flair that makes these little biographies a quick reference and rewarding reading. There is the insight of the writer plus the area bias that makes each book memorable.

Each book is in good, firm condition--a little shelf wear, but with one exception (a name in the Preston Jones) no marks or tears. The books measure 5 1/2 inches by 8 inches by 1/8 inches.

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