Copper Maple Leaf Decorative Dish 10 x 11 Inches
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Copper Maple Leaf Decorative Dish 10" x 11 Inches

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Whatever your decorating style, a colorful maple leaf dish, rendered of solid copper, will add warm and welcoming charm to your home or office decor.

Our rustic design is based on the glowing rainbow of fall foliage we see from our studio- workshop on the coast of Maine and reflects the abundance of natural colors in palettes both bright and earthy. 

  • Approximate Dimensions
    • 10 inches long (from the tip of the top point to the end of the stem)
    • 11 inches across 

Our Process:

  1. Using our own hand drawn templates, created from actual autumn leaves fallen from our maple trees years ago, we cut each leaf from a sheet of new industrial metal which we've upcycled and repurposed for our decorative pieces.
  2. Once a leaf is cut and carefully hand sanded to remove any burrs from the edges, we hammer in stylized veining and texturing.
  3. A blue flame bath establishes the multicolor antiqued patina of heat treated metalwork. Coloration and their distribution patterns will always vary from leaf to leaf but normally range from deep burnt orange and russet red to bright fuchsia and gold, with perhaps an occasional splash of silver, blue, turquoise and / or purple.

*We also make our leaves in other sizes. If you prefer different dimensions, please explore our Wall and Table Shop, or contact us in advance to arrange for a custom bespoke leaf, or a set of leaves, handmade especially for you. Thank you.

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Please note: These dishes and bowls are for decorative purposes only and are not suitable for handling by young children. Please do not use them to prepare, serve or store food.

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