A Bord Du S. S. "Liberte"  L'Atlantique August 28, 1959   Daily newspaper.
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Aboard Du S. S. "Liberte" L'Atlantique August 28, 1959 Daily newspaper

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L'Atlantque was the daily newspaper (in English and French) aboard the French liner S.S. Liberte as it sailed toward England on August 28, 1959.

President Eisenhower had landed in London after a visit to Germany. It was a happy time for all, and if the accommodations were mainly simple and serviceable, the food was most assuredly French and unforgettable. A time to remember!

Printed in both English and French, this copy of the newspaper is 9 inches 12 inches  and folded into four pages. It shows wear, but it is firm in one piece and folded once to make a 6" x 9" whole.


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