Girl Friday Earrings Recycled Paper Clips
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Girl Friday Earrings Recycled Paper Clips

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What time is it? She'll tell you.
Misplaced your keys? She'll find them.
Forgot your password? She remembers.
Need a paperclip? She's got it.

She's gets to work before you do and locks up after you've gone home. She types your correspondence, corrects your grammar and spelling, and makes sure your office runs smoothly. She skips lunch to organize the junk drawer. She orders business supplies and equipment, answers your phone and repairs the computer. She keeps your calendar, your accounts and your secrets.

Who is she? She's Girl Friday, of course.

And she deserves a new pair of earrings. This special pair will let her know how much you appreciate her and rely on her.

  • Styles Statements and Themes:
    • Rustic / Industrial / Functional
    • Funky / Whimsical
    • Office / Secretarial / Clerical 
    • Wabi sabi (Japanese concept of the beauty of imperfection) 
    • Wearable art
    • Eco-friendly
  • Approximate dimensions:
    • Overall earring length- 1 7/8  inch
    • Dangles- 1 3/8" long by 3/8" wide
  • Components:
    • Recycled vintage copper paper clips with oxidized finish
    • Mismatched artwork prints in square frames
      • Soft green
      • Creamy yellow
    • Hyper allergenic niobium hook ear wires

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