Halloween Earrings, Hand Forged Copper Skulls

Halloween Earrings, Hand Forged Copper Skulls

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Eeek! It's Skully and Skelly, Halloween skull earrings, back again in spooky gothic style! copper Rustic primitive metal, our twins are costume jewelry, always up with October trends.

An unlovely but loveable pair, these siblings are whimsical yes, and so ugly they're (almost) cute.
In any event, these dangles will be a duo of happy haunters on October 31st, Dia de los Muertos, and any time you're feeling a bit ... um, not to say "grave."

Who's right, who's left, which one's which? Only the Shadow knows. So ... you decide!

We cut these ghoulish guys, or maybe gothic gals, from industrial sheet metal which we've recycled, repurposed or reclaimed. We then punch them in their little scary skeleton frightening faces to create empty eye sockets and nose cavities, hammer them to an ancient tomb-like texture, and oxidize them to an antique patina that's worthy of any graveyard.

From the tops of our hand forged copper hook earwires to the tips of their fiendish fangs - er, make that terrible teeth, the earrings are approximately 1 3/4 inch (about 4.3cm) long overall. The dangles are about 1 1/4 inch long below the wires.

Packaged weight: 3 ounces

Because each of our copper earrings is individually handcrafted, these are fraternal twins; and, gruesome though they may be, they'll never be an identical twosome. This ensures that yours, while looking a lot like the fellows whose portraits appear in this Rogue's Gallery (aka our photos), they will also be unique, one of a kind Rough Magic Earrings.

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