Three Nesting Shells Beach Cottage Holiday Ornaments Set of 3
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Three Nesting Shells Beach Cottage Holiday Ornaments Set of 3

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Beach, seashore, holiday and summer inspired, this set of 3 handmade ornaments will bring a coastal cottage theme to your seasonal and holiday home decorating.

Rustic, natural and eco-friendly, they feature mussel shell halves cradling trios of dainty snail shells in nests of air dried woodland moss.   

In addition to serving as unique Christmas tree ornaments for beachcombers and lovers of Maine, they make delightful boho favors for beach weddings and summer seaside picnics and tropical theme parties. Or you might delight your hostess or host with a set or two, and add them to a package of housewarming goodies.

  • Details:
    • Approximate size -
      • Mussel shells - 1 1/2" to 2 inches long by 1 1/4 inch across at the wide ends
      • "Escargot" shells - 3/4 inch by 5/8 inch
    • Palette -
      • Mussels - Exterior colors range from purple and lavender blue and gray, natural mother of pearl in their concave interiors.
      • Snails - Earthy shades of brown, tan, white and gray
  • Our Creative Process:
    • All natural components are ethically harvested on our own beach and woods. Any with living creatures inside are immediately released where we found them.
    • The shells are meticulously cleaned inside and out and thoroughly dried in open air.
    • The tufts of moss are also carefully cleansed, dried and aged. 
  • Shipping Note:
    • As these pieces are delicate and fragile, we highly recommend that you choose shipping via Priority Mail.

As Nature's Treasures vary, and because each piece is individually crafted by hand, none of these will be exactly alike.

If you'd like more sets than are currently listed, please contact us ahead of time to arrange for a custom order.

PLEASE NOTE: These products are NOT TOYS! 
Please keep them beyond the reach of young children and pets. 
Thank you!

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