Black Acrylic Crystals, 10mm 18 Faceted Round Beads, Jewelry Making supplies to add elegance handmade designs. Styles = Boho Bohemian, Gothic, Victorian, Edwardian, Mod, Modern, Traditional. Lightweight faux black onyx jet gemstones.

Black Acrylic Crystals, 10mm 18 Faceted Round Beads

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Faux onyx jet black crystals add flash and glamour to jewelry designs - beaded necklaces, pendants, chunky bracelets, lightweight earrings. 

    • Material - Acrylic imitation gemstones / plastic faux glass 
    • Size - 10mm 
    • Shape - Faceted spheres
    • Color - Opaque black
    • Holes - About 2.5mm
    • Styles - Elegant, Gothic, Victorian, Mod, Traditional
    • Qty - 18 beads, loose pieces
    • Ships in 1 - 3 business days
    • Pkg Weight - 2 oz Eligible for first class mail.*

*To qualify for shipping via 1st class mail, your entire order must weigh no more than 15 ounces total weight.

Also great for accessories, hat making and hair designs, zipper pulls, purse charms, keychains, baubles and decorative craft projects.

And it's never too early to start planning your Halloween costume jewelry! 

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