World Literature:  4 Paperback Collections: 22 Plays, 125 Poems, Stories.

World Literature: 4 Paperback Collections: 22 Plays, 125 Poems, Stories.

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Four paperback Collections of World literature include plays, poems and stories from Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. 


(1) The Genius of the Oriental Theater, 1966 edited by G. L. Anderson, includes the texts of twelve traditional plays: :
From India Shakuntala and The Little Clay Cart
From Japan a cycle of Noh plays (six plays), Courier for Hell a Kabuki play by Chikamatsu and Subscription List a Joruri play by Namiki.

This 4" x 7" paperback has 416 pages. There are marks throughout the book which is firm and without tears but well handled throughout the years


(2) Four Classical Asian Plays, 1972 edited by Vera R. Irwin, includes  The Vision of Vasavadatta from India, The West Chamber from China, Ikkaku a Noh play from Japan and Narukami a Kabuki play from Japan.

The paperback has 333 pages and is firmly bound without marks or tears. It is in good condition.


(3) The Modern Stage in Latin America: Six Plays, 1971 edited by George Woodyard with with a substantial Introduction includes:

The Fanlights by Rene Marques,

Payment as Pledged by Alfredo Dias Gomes,

And they Told Us We Were Immortal by Osvaldo Draguin,

The Place Where the Mammals Die by Jorge Diaz,

The Criminals by Jose Triana 

They Too Speak of the Rose by Emilio Carballido.

This paperback has 331 pages with the first few pages at the lower right corner slightly turned. The paperback is firmly bound without markings or tears. Good condition otherwise.


(4) New Writing From the Middle east, 1978, is described as having "a wealth of new eloquence in fiction,poetry and drama." It is, indeed, a very interesting collection of more than 125 stories, poems and dramas, not readily seen by western readers.

After a General Introduction, the book is divided into

Arabic Literature (fiction, poetry, drama),

Armenian Literature (fiction, poetry, drama), Israeli Literature (Fiction, poetry, drama),

Persian Literature (fiction, poetry, drama) and

Turkish Literature (fiction,poetry, drama). Each section has a special introduction, and there are Biographical Notes describing the various authors in this volume.

This is a distinctive paperback book with 506 pages without makings or tears and firmly bound. All of these books have browned pages, and this one, being rather large, has some shelf wear on its spine.

These four collections provide the intellectually curious modern reader with a fine introduction to some of the best literature across the world.


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