Satanstoe: or The LIttlepage Manuscripts, 1860.  James F. Cooper

Satanstoe: or The Littlepage Manuscripts, 1860. James F. Cooper

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Satanstoe--1845 propaganda "antirent agitation" novel!

Satanstoe: or The Littlepage Manuscripts A Tale of the Colony by J. Fennimore Cooper is an early English publication (1860) of Cooper's activist criticism of New York society.

  • Remembered best for his Leatherstocking adventures, James Fennimore Cooper (1789-1851) also wrote solid histories of American life and many social commentaries on American democracy--particularly the rights of old landowners to preserve their holdings
  • Satanstoe (1845) was the first and the best of three propaganda novels dealing with ---"antirent agitation." Subtitled "the LIttlepage Manuscripts" featuring Corny Littlepage, Satanstoe dwelt upon the social life, theater and other amusements of New York City. The other novels in the trilogy are Chainbearers (1945) and Redskins (1846).

Most copies of Cooper's novels that you find available today are paperback reprints. This hardback copy of Satanstoe has value for the book lover for being the English publication of the 1860 (Cooper died in 1851) "New Edition" with its new Preface.

It is in fair to good condition with a good binding, no tears and no markings. The binding at the back has a slight weakness beginning. Pages are browned. The edges of the spine cover, top and bottom, are slightly roughed as the pictures show.

The book has 316 pages and measures 4 1/2 inches by  6 7/8 inches by 34 of an inch. There is on the flyleaf some kind thoughts by an Englishman (written in 1960) to me.  

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