Dutch Theatre Arts in the Netherlands, 1992  Illustrated
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Magazine: Dutch Theatre Arts in the Netherlands 1992 Illustrated

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This vintage magazine, Dutch Theatre Arts in the Netherlands, 1992, is illustrated and explored through Street Theater, Occupation (1940-45), and Theater and Symbolism to reveal Dutch Society.

 A beautifully illustrated collectible publication, 62 pages long and with more than 100 pictures in color and in black and white, it includes four essays describing Dutch theater:
  1. "From Street Entertainment to Municipal Theatre: Theatre in the Netherlands to 1900" uses the work of well known Dutch artists to explore the Dutch theatre of the Middle Ages, the Drama Societies and theatre life in Amsterdam.
  2. "Innovations In the Theatre at the Turn of the Century" shows the Dutch interest in modern art through the symbolism of Appia and Craig and the work of Herman Heijermans, Willem Royaards, Eduard Verkade, De Hagespelers and Het Tooneel and the International theatre exhibitiion in Amsterdam in 1922.
  3. "Stage Artists with a Cause" shows the importance of Stage Patronage, Theatre During the Occupation (1940-1945), theatre in the cities and the countryside, a period of tranquility and Action Tomato.
  4. "The Irrepressible Rise of Small Theatres in the Netherlands" can only be appreciated by reading the essay and looking at the colorful pictures.

The colorful paperback magazine is highly collectible, extremely rare and hard to find. This copy is in very good vintage condition, with only light wear to the cover and without discernible marks or stains.

It measures 10 1/2 inches by 8 1/4 inches.

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