Plays of Gerge Kelly: Daisy Mayme. Craig's Wife. Weak Spot.
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Plays by George Kelly: Daisy Mayme, Craig's Wife, Weak Spot

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George Kelly, Severe Moralist for America, wrote Social Problem plays: Daisy Mayme and Craig's Wife plus The Weak Spot, a Popular Vaudeville Sketch.

  • George Kelly (1887-1974) was a Pulitzer Prize winning American playwright most popular during the 1920s with Craig's Wife, 1925, establishing his reputation as a severe moralist in the modern world.
  • Daisy Mayme, 1926, was a successful Broadway comedy with Josephine Hull.
  • Kelly was also a stellar creator of vaudeville farces of which The Weak Spot, 1925, is an excellent example.
  • As time passed Kelly wrote more very moral dramas and worked in the film industry as did many others of his generation, and eventually his niece- movie star Grace Kelly.

Craig's Wife and Daisy Mayme are hard cover library discards, probably rebound by a library,1925. Both are in good condition, firm in binding, without tears or marks except by the library and showing browning of pages but almost no shelf wear. They measure 5 inches by 7 1/2 inches by 1 inch and have 174 and 193 pages respectively.

The Weak Spot, 1925, is an acting edition paperback of 43 pages, a little smudged and browned of pages but firm and in good condition.

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