Ben-Hur. A Tale of the Christ Garfield Edition v. 1, 1893 General Lew Wallace, Illustrated William Martin Johnson.
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Ben-Hur A Tale of the Christ Garfield Edition vol. 1, 1893 General Lew Wallace, Illustrated

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Ben-Hur A Tale of the Christ by General Lew Wallace, the beautifully illustrated Garfield Edition, 1893 vol. 1, is available as a damaged but readable novel beautifully enhanced by the drawings,at least one, on every page.  There also several photographs of pertinent scenes.

General Lew Wallace's inspiring story of Ben-Hur A Tale of the Christ, 1893 Garfield Edition is an American classic. This copy of vol. 1 of the Garfield Edition, however, is falling apart in that the covers, front and back, and the first signature have separated from the publication.  Pp. 35 to p. 438 are bound together. The book begins on p. 21.

The beauty of this offering is this Garfield Edition illustrated by William Martin Johnson's spectacular drawings with photogravures on every page.  These pages are in good vintage condition.

 I suspect that mainly scrapbookers and art lovers will be interested in such a worn copy of this novel.  EACH PAGE, however, is suitable for matting and/or framing or for adding a special touch of Victorian Americana to a collage, scrapbook or mixed- media, multi-media project.

The pages measure 8  1/8 inches by 5 1/8 inches and are in very good antiquarian condition, showing age related browning, a bit of discoloration and wear (but no tears) at the edges and a few small smudges. Sold out

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