24 Favorite Pme-Act PLays, 1963 Edited Bennett Cerf and Van H. Cartmell

24 Favorite One Act Plays

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24 Favorite One-Act Plays, edited by Bennett Cerf and Van H Cartmell and published in 1963, is a collection of the best known and respected one-act plays of the mid-20th century.

Looking for some good reading? Good theater? Humorous, inspiring, thoughtful? This book has them all:

    • A Memory of Two-Mondays, Arthur Miler
    • The Browning Version, Terence Raatigan
    • 27 Wagons Full of Cotton, Tennessee Williams
    • Sorry, Wrong Number, Lucille Fletcher
    • Glory in the Flower, William Inge
    • Hands Across the Sea, Noel Coward
    • The Devil and Daniel Webster, Stephen Vincent Benet
    • The Happy Journey, Thornton Wilder
    • Here We Are, Dorothy Parker
    • The Traveler, Marc Connelly
    • The Still Alarm, George S. Kaufman
    • The Moon of the Caribbees, Eugene O'Neill
    • The Maker of Dreams, Oliphant Down
    • The Flattering Word, George Kelly
    • The Tridget of Greva, Ring Lardner
    • The Apollo of Bellac, Jean Giraudoux
    • Trifles, Susan Glaspell
    • The Ugly Duckling, A. A. Milne
    • The Jest of Hahalaba, Lord Dunsany
    • In the Shadow of the Glen, J. M. Singe
    • Cathleen ni Houlihan, William Butler Yeats
    • A  Marriage Proposal, Anton Chelhov
    • Spreading the News, Lady Gregory
    • A Florentine Tragedy, Oscar Wilde

     The editors, Cerf and Cartmell, were well known in theater and publishing areas.

    This paperback copy is in fair to poor condition. It is a clean copy, but a chubby paperback for that time. The book is broken at the binding at page 270 -280 and has ten loose pages.   It measures 4 inches by 7 inches by 1 1/4 inches and has 558 pages.

    This book ships First Class!


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