To Addresses in the USA

For First Class Mail, we cover the shipping cost for you.
To be eligible for 1st class mail, your entire order may include any single item or combination of items equalling less than one pound (16 ounces) total weight.

Packages weighing one pound or more will ship via Priority Mail.

  • For example:
    • 5  3oz packages = 15 oz
    • 3  4oz packages + 1  3oz package = 15 oz
    • 3  3oz packages + 1  4oz package = 13 oz
    • 2  4oz packages + 2 3oz packages = 14 oz

To Other Destinations

We ship via First Class International Mail to certain countries outside the USA:
      Canada, Europe (most countries), Australia, New Zealand, India, Japan
If shipping to your nation is not available, please contact us. We may be able to arrange to ship to you.



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