3 Plays Major American Playwrights Late 1920s   Acting Editions
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3 Plays by Major American Playwrights Late 1920s

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3 acting editions, paperback plays by two major American playwrights of late 1920s-1930s: dramatists Robert  Emmett Sherwood and Philip Barry. 

  • In a Garden, Sherwood, 1924
  • The Road to Rome, Barry, 1927
  • Spring Dance, Barry, 1929
Acting editions get rough treatment. These antiquarian copies have numerous written remarks and notes, rough edges throughout, and worn covers, but they all have remarkably strong bindings.

They measure 5 inches by 7 1/4 inches by near 1/2 inch.  With texts, illustrations, stage designs, New York casts and assorted advertising, they have near 100 pages each.

As G. B. Shaw once said: "The theater is always now." Later it becomes history, ready for stage review by readers and actors and as collectibles of theatrical memorabilia for aficionados.

Established in the early 19th century, Samuel French publishers still retains its reputation for putting copies of the latest New York stage successes in the hands of theater companies eager to produce popular plays. The covers of these antique playscripts bear the immediately recognizable French logo: A Lion Rampant above the scrolled banner "French's Standard Library Edition."

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