A Lombard Street Mystery, 1889-1891, Muirhead Robinson
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A Lombard Street Mystery, 1889-1891, Muirhead Robinson

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Antiquarian, antique, rare and collectible, A Lombard Street Mystery by Muirhead Robinson was published between 1889 and 1891 by Butler Brothers Inc.

  • Butler Brothers, New York and Chicago has a rich and significant reputation, particularly in merchandizing where it is credited with starting the idea of the department store.  In its late 19th century stores it promoted its "5 cent counter." Woolworth and the "5 and dime" concept followed. Butler Brothers eventually owned the Ben Franklin Stores.
  • As publishers Butler Brothers created the multivolume paperback series called The Electric Series with over 500 titles. A Lombard Street Mystery, No 570,  was part of this series which was published between 1889 and 1891. As publishers Butler Brothers was also very popular with its yearly catalogues.
The plot of A Lombard Street Mystery is typical of the genre and time - office employee falsely accused  of a crime is eventually rescued by a determined damsel in distress amid many adventures to reach a happy ending. The writing has a compelling feature embellished with distinctive English types.

The advertising - shown in some photographs - shows clearly the period of publication.

This distinctive and rare collector's paper book is in fair condition.
Photographs will show this- tears and worn edges to pages, worn but very firmly glued and stapled binding, browning throughout. It is not a fragile book to handle.

This illustrated book from the late 19th century measures 5 inches by 7 inches by 1/2 inch and has 221 pages.

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