Amber Topaz Glass Beads Art Deco Teardrops

Amber Topaz Glass Beads Art Deco Teardrops

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In rich shades of amber, topaz and honey gold, these faceted glass teardrop beads are ideal for abstract and art decor inspired handmade designs. Most of these pointed cone drops are 14mm long, while a 2 or 3 are closer to 12mm.

  • Particulars:
    • Material: Glass crystals
    • Sizes: 14mm and 12mm long
    • Shape: Faceted Teardrops / cone drops / tapered pointed tubes
    • Colors: Amber, topaz, honey gold
    • Holes: Approximately 1.5mm +/-, drilled lengthwise
    • Quantity: 15 pieces, temporarily strung on a 7.5 inch half strand

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