Animal Print Earrings Safari Jasper Gemstones & Copper Trade Beads
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Animal Print Earrings Safari Jasper Gemstones & Copper Trade Beads

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Adventure awaits a woman who loves unusual handmade jewelry. These earrings- with large safari jasper stones in natural camouflage colors, random wild animal patterns, leafy copper caps and primitive copper trade beads- make a unique boho statement.

  • Total length: 1 3/4 inch
  • Dangles: 1 1/8" long x 1/2" wide
  • Ready to ship: 1- 2 business days
  • Styles and Design influences:
    • Bohemian / Eclectic
    • Earthy / Rustic
    • Ethnic / Tribal
    • Exotic
    • Wabi Sabi: The Japanese concept of finding beauty in imperfection, in this pair the one of a kind nature of the mismatched gemstones
  • Themes:
    • Autumn and Fall Fashion
    • Explorations and Expeditions
    • Flora and Fauna
      • Forests, Woodlands, Jungle, Wilderness
      • Grassland Scenes / The Velt
      • Rugged Landscapes
      • Native Animals ( Giraffes, Leopards )
  • Materials:
    • Semi-precious stones - safari jasper ornamental gemstones
    • Copper
      • Handcrafted African trade beads from Ghana or Ethiopia
      • Antiqued finish accent rounds
      • Filigree petal caps
      • Hand forged ball tip hook ear wires and head pins
The multicolor gemstones are puffed squares, each with its own distinct mix of olive green, rusty browns, creams and tans in splotches and splashes suggesting wildlife, the veld, the desert, the jungle. This neutral palette and casual look make this design just right for every day ... and some evenings as well.

While no two are identical in coloration of spots and dots and in camo variations, we carefully select each stone to ensure your earrings will compatibly matched in tone and mood.

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