Antic Muse, 1955 Robert P. Falk

Antic Muse, 1955 Robert P. Falk

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Collection of 79 parodies, The Antic Muse offers satires and burlesques of American writers from Benjamin Franklin to T S Eliot. This paperback treasure has evidently not been reprinted among the present abundance of such and is, therefore, a bit rare.

As Mark Twain writes of Franklin, "Nowadays a boy cannot follow out a single natural instinct without tumbling over some of those everlasting aphorisms."

  • Enjoyable reading for an hour, an afternoon or a lifetime in your library.

This copy has been well handled and read over the years--a fair copy with some weaknesses in the binding, a couple of tears along the spine, no marks except a previous owner's name on the flyleaf and some browning of pages. Lots of firm reading left.

The book measures 5 1/4 inches by 8 inches by 3/4 inch and has 255 pages.


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