Miranda Mercantile

Antique oblong trinket box of cut glass with ornate, metal silver colored cover, c. 1920s.

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This antique oblong box of cut glass with heavy, ornate silver colored cover for trinkets or treasure is most likely from the 1920s.  The cut glass bowl measures 4 inches by 1 5/8 inches with pinched waist design. 

It has as many uses as one can imagine--from jewelry to  hairpins to cuff links and change.  
It is in good condition, no chips in the glass, no dents in the lid.  
This curved lid is made of heavy decorated metal but there are no marks of identification. It looks like sterling silver; it could be silver plated or enforced tin, but it is heavy for its size.

Antique box, trinket container, cut glass bowl, 1920s vintage, heavy metal kid, silver or iron,  dressing table box, ornate molded metal lid, jewelry container, ladies' toilet box

$20.00       $38.00It weighs 8 ounces.

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