Vintage Art Deco Earrings Gold with Abstract Black enamel and silver glitter.
Black, gold and silver glitter Art Deco Large stud earrings for sophisticated woman of elegant taste.
Art Deco Earrings Black Enamel, Gold and Glitter
Black, gold and silver glitter Art Deco Large stud earrings for sophisticated woman of elegant taste.
elegant sophisticated earrings for women - art deco retro modern black, gold and glitter, large domed rounded rectangles, post earrings for pierced ears.
Blg Black and Gold Art Deco Earrings with silver glitter and post backs.
Big Art Deco Earrings, Jet black gold and silver glitter with posts for women's pierced ears. Elegant retro 20th century sophisticated style costume jewelry.
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Art Deco Earrings Black Enamel, Gold and Glitter

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Large and spectacular in art deco style, these vintage earrings with post backs feature abstract turtle shell shaped sections of smooth jet black enamel and sparkling silver glitter, each bordered and defined by gold interior curved lines and exterior edges.

Elongated rounded rectangles, they are have slightly domed ( convex) fronts and convex hammered, solid gold plated backs.

The style is elegant, sleek and sophisticated - definitely statement jewelry from grown-up women who appreciate the classic look of well made costume jewelry with modern, 20th century retro flair. 

Each earring measures approximately 1 1/4 inch tall by 5/16" wide. The studs are about 3/8" below the top edge.

Packaged weight: 3 ounces

There is no maker's mark or other identifying symbols or signatures, and - as this design is rare and hard-to-find, we can't tell you their designer, date or manufacturer.

Our best guess: This pair was created in the USA, probably sometime between 1970 and 1990, perhaps to celebrate the resurgence of the Art Deco ( Streamline Moderne) Movement which began in France and influenced fashion, art and architecture trends from the 1920s to the mid- 1940s.

As with all our vintage pieces, these earrings have been meticulously cleaned and sanitized for your safety and comfort. We've replaced the original pushback earnuts with gold plated butterfly clutches, ensuring that you can wear them with confidence that they are as pristine as when they were brand new.


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Art Deco Earrings Style Moderne Black Enamel, Gold and Glitter - sophisticated elegant vintage costume jewelry for women of well defined taste.

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