Art Print Silver Frame Pendant Charms Set of 5
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Art Print Silver Frame Pendant Charms Set of 5

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Each featuring a different thematic art print - nautical, floral, autumn woodland, cartography - these 5 mix and match pieces in various frames present an eclectic set of components for pendant necklaces, mismatched dangle earrings, charm bracelets, accessories and craft projects. 

Material: Printed papers, resin sealant, silver tone metal
Shapes: Round and square
Colors: Rustic retro vintage-look palette
Finish: Brushed metallic frames, clear shiny resin
Qty: 1 Set of 5
•  7/8 inch scalloped circle with burnt orange leaves on a creamy yellow print
•  3/4" studded ship's wheel with abstract olive green botanicals and butterflies 
•  13/16" double ring with sage green and black chart
•  3/4" studded square with partial map of France in sepia, yellow and gold
•  13/16" ball edged square with text "France" in sepia, brown on gold

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