Bear Brooch Rustic Copper Pin Woodland Animal Jewelry
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Bear Brooch Rustic Copper Pin Woodland Animal Jewelry

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A Bear Brooch, this nature inspired rustic copper pin with a woodland theme, is ideal for the animal lover on your list.

With a colorful antiqued patina of fire oxidized copper and crafted of repurposed industrial sheet metal, the artisan design depicts the popular forest dweller in primitive American folk art style for every casual occasion.

  • Width: 1 3/4 inch
  • Height: 1"

"Ursa Minor Bruin," will look sporting on a sweater, scarf, coat, jacket, shirt, tie or hat- sure to win compliments everywhere she ambles along with you.

  • Stylistic influences:
    • Americana
    • Wild life / Woods, Forestry / Wilderness
  • Materials:
    • Solid copper
    • Hinged metal pin back
    • Nontoxic solder
  • Great for:
    • 7th anniversary
    • Naturalists
    • School mascot / Sports team spirit booster
      • Graduation
      • Class reunion
  • Our processing time: 3- 5 business days

    Held by a hinged metal pin back and is available in two styles: right and left strolling. Please choose your preferred Style from the drop down:

    • Bear #1 ( 1st Photo) will face to your RIGHT when worn.
    • Bear #2 ( 2nd Photo) will face to your LEFT when worn.

    While there will be differences among all of these individually handcrafted, made to order pieces, the palette of the pin you receive will range from burnt orange to russet and metallic gold, with possible splashes of fuchsia, purple and perhaps aqua, silver and blue.

    The variations ensure that your wearable bear will be a unique, one of a kind piece - artisan designer jewelry made to order especially for you.

    Think: University of Maine Black Bears, Baylor Bears, California Bear Republic, college mascot

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