Bohemians and Critics 1981 Tice L. Miller

Bohemians and Critics 1981 Tice L. Miller

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Bohemians and Critics  American Theatre Criticism in the Nineteenth Century, 1981 by Tice L. Miller assesses the accomplishments of five critics: Henry Clapp, Jr., Edward G. P. Wilkins, William Winter, Stephen Ryder Fiske and Andrew C. Wheeler.

Along with numerous American playwrights, actors and theater managers, history has frequently neglected the theater critics in 19th century America. Tice Miller has provided here an extremely well researched evaluation of that fascinating journalistic social history of America.

One can learn a great deal about a people by understanding the entertainments they enjoyed. And theater critics explored and exploited American entertainments!

An excellent resource for theater lovers.

This hardcover book is in fair condition. Pages are spotted and yellowed with age, and there area a number of marks by a reader but no tears. The binding is strong and firm, and signs of shelf wear are slight.

The book measures 5 1/4 inches by 8 3/4 inches by 3/4 inch and has 190 pages.

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