Canada's Lost Plays 4 vols.1978-1982, 28 plays: 19th Century, Women Pioneers, Developing Mosaic, Colonial Quebec French-Canadian Drama, 1606 to 1966.
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Canada's Lost Plays 4 vols. 1978 to 1982, 28 plays 1606 to 1966

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Canada's Lost plays, edited by Anton Wagner, includes four volumes: The 19th Century, Women Pioneers, The Developing Mosaic, and Colonial Quebec: French-Canadian Drama, 1606 to 1966. It is an extremely ambitious project, both for preserving Canada's history of Literature and for those readers who enjoy theater and drama.

Each volume has an illustrated introduction providing the necessary historical background and an analysis of the plays and their authors. All books are 6 inches x 9 inches. The following plays are included:

  • Volume One: The Nineteenth Century, 1978
    • The female Consistory of Brockville, 1856 Caroli Candidus Esq.
    • Dolorsolatio, 1865 Sam Scribble
    • Santiago, 1866 Thomas Bush
    • The Fair Grit, 1876 Nicholas Flood Davis
    • H. M. S. Parliament, William Henry Fuller
    • Ptarmigan, 1895 J. N. McIlwraith
  • This hardback book is in good condition, firm and strong, with some foxing, some pencilled comments at the end of three of the plays but no tears. The dust jacket shows shelf wear at the binding but otherwise quite nice. 250 pages.
  • Volume Two: Women Pioneers, 1979
    • The Fatal Ring, 1840 Eliza Lanesford Cushing
    • Laura Secord, the Heroine of 1812, 1876 Sarah Anne Curzon
    • The Sweet Girl Graduate, 1882 Sarah Anne Curzon
    • When George the Third Was King, 1897 Catherine Nina Merritt
    • Pasque Flower, 1939 Gwen Pharis Ringwood
    • Teach Me How to Cry, 1955 Patricia Joudry
  • This paperback book is very strong and firm. Except for penciled comments in the illustrated introduction and three or four penciled comments on the plays, each of which has a picture and a brief introduction, the book is in good condition overall. 272 pages
  • Volume Three: The Developing Mosaic, 1980
    • The Weather Breeder, 1923 Merrill Denison
    • Open Doors, 1930 Lois Reynolds Kerr
    • Wilderness, 1931 Herman Voaden
    • Murder Paterrn, 1936 Herman Voaden
    • The House in the Quiet Glen, 1937 John Coulter
    • The Rainmaker, 1945 Gwen Pharis Ringwood
    • Hope Deferred, 1948, Robertson Davies
  • This paperback has a lengthy introduction with a number of photos plus a bibliography. The introduction has a number of marks, too. The Table of Contents is well interlarded with comments, while individual plays have introductions, an illustration and remain clear throughout. The book is firm in its binding. 200 pages
  • Volume Four Colonial Quebec: French-Canadian Drama, 1606 to 1966, 1982
    • The Theatre of Neptune in New France, 1606 Marc Lescarbot
    • 'To the Young Actors of the Theatre de Societe at Quebec,' 1804 Joseph Quesnel
    • Colas and Colinette, 1790 Joseph Quesnel
    • The French Republicans, 1800-1801 Joseph Quesnel
    • The Young Latour, 1844 Antoine Gerin-Lajoie
    • Papineau, 1880 Louis-Honmore Frechette
    • Riel, 1886 Elzear Paquin
    • Yesterday the Children Were Dancing, 1966 Gratien Gelinas
  • With an extensive and well noted and illustrated introduction plus a bibliography for dramatists, this paperback is a treasure in itself for French-Canadian dramatic literature. As a paperback it shows rather little wear, and the pages are clean, the binding firm. Very good condition. 334 pages

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