Christmas Tree Topper, Copper Star Ornament, Rustic Holiday Decor

Christmas Tree Topper, Copper Star Ornament, Rustic Holiday Decor

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Year after year, our colorful copper star topper for your Christmas tree will add warm and rustic charm to your Yuletide holiday decorations.  
Cut by hand and wrought of repurposed industrial metal, the star is then hammered to a primitive looking texture and flame washed to a bold multicolor rainbow palette.  

  • Available in your choice of four sizes, measured across from point to point.
    • 8 inch star - best for trees up to 8 feet tall
    • 6 inch star - works with floor standing trees up to 6 feet tall
    • 4.5 inch star - works with table top trees up to approximately 30"

All the stars work with for both fresh and artificial trees.

The topper features a hand coiled open tube soldered to the reverse to slip down over the top branch (leader) of the tree. The last 3 photos show examples of the topper prior to soldering and coloring.

As every topper is crafted individually by hand, each will be unique in coloration, fire washed patterns, and texture - each a one of a kind keepsake decoration, handmade in our studio especially for you.

  • Warnings!
  • These toppers are intended for indoor display only. For safety's sake, please keep yours out of the reach of children and pets.
  • Keep in mind that copper is a strong conductor of both electricity and heat. To prevent shocks and/or burns, do not let your topper, or any other ornaments containing metals, come in contact with electrical wires, switches or plugs, candles, fireplaces, stoves or any hot surfaces, or open flames.
  • As exposure to high temperatures can drastically alter the colors of copper, your topper will work best with LED lights or small twinkle lights, both of which do not overheat. 

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