Daniel Quorm and His Religious Notions, 1880s  Rev. Mark Guy Pearse

Daniel Quorm and His Religious Notions, 1880s Rev. Mark Guy Pearse

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Daniel Quorm and His Religious Notions, 1880s by Rev. Mark Guy Pearse (1842-1930) reveals this Popular English Methodist Preacher's style and beliefs. This edition is beautifully illustrated.

There is no front information in this book to indicate when it was published in America, only the imprint of "New York: Phillips & Hunt. Cincinnati: Walden & Stowe." As four pages at the end of the book listing the Publications of Phillips & Hunt show, this is a publisher of religious books. A little research reveals that this publisher was very active during the 1880s; therefore, I'll guess an 1880s publication.

Daniel Quorm and His Religious Notions was probably published in England around 1874-75 and became extremely popular.

THIS book is a strikingly well illustrated edition of "Daniel Quorm and His religious Notions" and may be the FIRST American edition.  The decorations and lettering in gold on a deep russet red spine and the well designed portrait of Daniel in gold and black on the front cover make this a rare book in any library.  At the beginning of each chapter (see photos) there are engravings to indicate the content of the chapter.

There are signs of shelf wear, but no marks, two edges turned slightly, some browning of pages throughout. About one third of one page has been torn off, although that piece is inserted in the book in its proper place. Otherwise, this book of 202 pages is in very good condition! It measures 5 inches by  7 3/8 inches.


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