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Delia Laughlin (1873-1896). "Blue Bird of Mulberry Bend". Christian Mission.

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Delia Laughlin (1873-1896), known by the NYC police as the "Blue Bird of Mulberry Bend," was "Delia "of the photos.  It was Door of Hope Mission in NYC which used this printout to promote its mission in "The work of Grace upon a Human Face within a Year."

This photo taken from a book, page viii, published by Door of Hope in 1893 was written by Mrs. Emma Mott Whittemore. The photograph may have been used as an advertisement for the book which was a missionary story of Delia's salvation. The Door of Hope exists today as a missionary venture in several areas of social endeavor.

The story of Delia has its fascination. Delia Laughlin (1873-1896) had a hard life: her mother died when she was a baby; she grew up in an orphanage, was on the streets when she was seventeen, became an expert pickpocket, was in prison thee times, used drugs, drank, smoked, swore--until she met Mrs. Whittemore, a missionary who impressed Delia, was kind to her and "saved" her.

From that time on Delia, who was called by police "the Blue Bird of Mulberry Bend" because she always wore a blue dress, began to lead people to the "path of God." Delia spent her last years helping people in the notoriously evil Five Points area of New York City.

This single sheet is 6 inches by eight and a half inches. It is fairly stiff and semi-glossy with clean cut edges except for the top, which has a smidgen torn out mid page and a turned corner.

Suitable for framing and wall hanging.

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