Egyptian One-act Plays, 1974, Edited David Woodman
Egyptian One-act Plays, 1974, Edited David Woodman
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Egyptian One-act Plays, 1974, Edited David Woodman

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Egyptian One Act Plays, a first edition paperback book, 1974, is edited  with an Introduction by Dr. David Woodman. It is rare to find such plays in print.

The plays included in this anthology clearly reveal the unsettling atmosphere in Egypt during the  late 20th century:
An Egyptian Mother by Carol Weinstein
One Morning in the Life Of by Kay Rouchdy
The Song of the Bullet by Amin Bakir
The Special World of the Old Traffic Policeman by Samir Abu Zekri
Three Men by Varoujan Kazansjian
War by Sami Ibrahim Hanna
A Modern Fairy Tale by Osman Shoukri Selim
Darling Mona by Fahti Abdelghnai Hamed
A Murder by Mostafa Bahgat Mostafa
Flavour to Taste Zenna Ateek
The Lighthouse by Mohamed Al Sayed Soliman.

This black, yellow, orange and red paperback is in fair condition with wear on the spine. One page has an edge turned back; the flyleaf has a tear. The title page of each of the twelve plays has a handwritten marginal comment, and there are some checks and underlining.

It is an inexpensively published book, but the binding remains firm.  The value of the book is obviously in the rare publication of plays that Egyptians see in these times.  Unfortunately, the editor provides no explanatory narrative or information.

The book measures 6 1/2 inches by 9 1/ inches bu 1/2 inch and has 224 pages.

"Copyright 1974 by the American University Press in Cairo Press
"All Rights Reserved
"Printed in the Arab Republic of Egypt by Akhbar El - Yon, Cairo"

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