Elegant Pink Amethyst Gemstone Pendant Necklace with Pearls, Copper and Adjustable Chain, February and June birthstone jewelry handmade by Mollie Meserve Designs for Rough Magic Creations.
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Elegant Gemstone Pendant Necklace with Pearls, Copper and Adjustable Chain

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This necklace, with lovely semi- precious gems, pink amethyst and pastel rainbow fluorite, with peacock luster pearls and petite copper accents, makes an elegant statement in Mollie Meserve's dressy- to- glamorous creation.

The soft pastel palette of the stones, in gentle contrast with the freshwater pearls and dainty metal beads, is sure to delight a woman who looks for versatility and originality in handmade artisan jewelry.

And this design has additional features to add to its already great appeal; it combines two beautiful birthstones - Amethyst for February, and Pearls for June - with Copper for a special 7th Anniversary.

The luxe pendant showcases a clear faceted amethyst puffed oval above a fluorite round stone, also faceted to catch the light. Both stones present a light pink glow with just a hint of pale violet. Alternating with small copper beads, the gemstones sparkle and flash as the pendant dangles, embraced by a pair of copper filigree beads, in the center of a beaded strand.

Moving up the sides, trios of pearls in subtle shades of purple and green lead to a symmetrical arrangement of smaller amethyst ovals, fluorite duos with more copper beads creating a repeating motif.

At the back a simple cable chain is held by Mollie's handcrafted clasp, which allows an easy transition from sophisticated choker to popular princess and luxurious matinée lengths.

As a finishing touch, Mollie has added a pearl, fluorite and copper dangle to the end of the clasp - perfect for today's low back fashions.

Yes, this one of a kind necklace will go from afternoon tea to evening party, from gourmet dining to a night at the theatre or opera and a candlelight midnight supper. From frilly frock to ballgown, this unique confection will be a sure fire success.


  • Overall necklace length - 25 1/2 inches
  • Beaded strand - 5 1/8 inch per side
  • Pendant length - 1 3/4 inch


  • Gemstones
    • Pink amethyst
    • Rainbow flourite
  • Genuine pearls
  • Solid copper
    • Beads
    • Chain
    • Hand forged hammered hook and eye clasp
    • Hand forged bud tipped head pins

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