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Elements of Style, 1959 William Strunk, Jr with New Material by E. B. White

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Elements of Style by William Strunk Jr with Revisions, An Introduction, and A New Chapter on Writing by E. B. White was first published in 1959 and immediately became a "bible" for all writers.  Strunk's "little book" for his students at Cornell University had gotten a tremendous and enthusiastic "faceliff" by White, one of those students, and the resulting reception by subsequent students and writers must not be allowed to fade. 

This is a hardback first edition copy, a little worn with yellowing pages, a name on the flyleaf, a partially removed bookplate, a slightly ragged dust jacket--but strongly bound, no tears, a  penciled mark or two but still full of common sense and great advice--revise, do not overwrite, remember the fundamentals.

The book measures 5 inches by 8 inches by 1/2 inch and has 71 pages. No desk should be without a copy!

This book ships First Class!

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