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Elmer Rice A Playwright's Vision of America, 1980 Anthony F. R. Palmieri

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 Playwright's Vision 0f America, 1980, First Edition, by Anthony F. R. Palmieri writes a biography of a man he calls "versitile, prolific, and perdurable." Acknowledging Rice as below the top-rated American playwrights, such as O'Neill, Williams, Milller or Wilder, he promotes Rice's distinguished place in the history of American drama.

Elmer Rice (1893 - 1967), an American Dramatist of the theatrically exciting 1930s, was an Experimentalist in his plays, a Concerned Liberal in his thoughts and a constant Theater Activist who with four others formed the successful Playwrights Company Producers.

From the teens in the 20th century when Rice (trained as a lawyer) produced his first remarkably successful Broadway hit, On Trial, through an activist career as a commentator on a dehumanized society in The Adding Machine (1923), Street Scene (1929) and We the People (1933) until his confrontation with McCarthyism and his final New York Production in 1963 he was a fearless protester of those aspects of society which offended his beliefs.

This copy has a dust jacket in fair condition, but the book is seriously marred by quite a number of marks and comments, some quite extensive, throughout.   It measures 5 1/4 inches by 8 1/4 inches by 3/4 inch and has 226 pages.


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