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Geographical Plays for Schools - Europe, 1883 Jane Andrews

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Geographical Plays for Schools - Europe, 1883 First Edition was written by Jane Andrews (1833-1887) as a school text and study guide for elementary school students as well as for fellow teachers.

Geographical Plays for  Schools  Europe, 1883 First Edition was written by Jane Andrews to teach her students.

Since human history began people have used the concept of theater to teach their young. Jane Andrews continued this technique. In each instance for her books she creates a play in which the students participate to learn about a chosen country. This little stapled book presents Europe through children/students cast as personifying cities of Europe and reciting lines of dialogue which tell about those cities.  As a consequence of this theatrical experience, the children learn something.

Jane Andrews wrote similar guides for the study of the geography of the United States, Asia, Africa, South America, Australia and the Pacific Islands plus a guide featuring The Commerce of the World.

For all educators and historians of American Education this book provides a remarkable view into teaching methods and the teacher's world more than 130 years ago.

This very rare book also gives us a unique glimpse into Americans' view of Europe in the late 19th century and, at the same time, introduces a distinctive view of the American educational system of the day.   It measures 4 and 3/4 inches by 6 and 3/4 inches and has 43 pages.

Published in Boston by Lee & Shephard, this book is in good condition for its age: bound (stapled) in its original cover with one corner turned, pages browned and, presumably,  the owner's name and address in pencil on the flyleaf, there are a few light pencil marks on pages.

This book ships First Class!

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