Hatziavatis, refined "sidekick" of Karagiozis. Mid-20th century Working Puppet
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Hatziavatis, refined "sidekick" of Karagiozis. Mid-20th century Working Puppet

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Hatziavatis, the refined "sidekick" of Karagiozis, is a handmade one-of-a-kind working shadow theater puppet. This puppet has been used in 20th century Greek traditional shadow plays featuring the antics of the character Karagiozis. I acquired it from a shadow theater scholar who was working in the 1960s with a professional Greek puppeteer who made this particular puppet and worked with it in the shadow theater.

The Karagiozis tradition dates from at least 1799 in Greece, with its origins in the Ottoman Empire as "Karazos," a theatrical entertainment popular in 14th century Turkey.

Because this is a working or training puppet, it lacks the perfection, detail and color of performance puppets.

This articulated puppet was handmade in Greece, of heavy cardboard, sometime in the mid-20th century and is in very good condition. The puppeteer's pencil marks, which he followed in cutting his puppet, are still faintly visible and should not be removed, as they add to the value of the puppet. Also adding to the value is the fact that this puppet shows signs of being used in shadow plays.

The puppet is approximately 12 inches tall. 

PLEASE NOTE: This puppet is authentic and valuable as a wall hanging or part of home decor. It is NOT A TOY and is not suitable for young children!!!

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