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History of the Last Quarter Century in United States 1870 to 1895 Vol 1, 1896 E. Benjamin Andrews

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History of the Last Quarter Century in United States 1870 to 1895, Vol 1, 1896, by Benjamin Andrews, First Edition, provides a contemporary assessment of a growing America, from Grant to Arthur.

"With more than three hundred and fifty illustrations" Volume 1, first edition, has thirteen chapters as follows:
   The United States at the Close of Reconstruction
   General Grant as a Civil Chief
   The Greeley Campaign
   The Geneva Award and the Credit Mobilier
   "Carpet-Bagger" and "Scalawag" in Dixie
   Decline of the Transitional Governments in South Carolina, Mississippi, Arkansas   and Louisiana
   Indian Wars and the Custer Death
   "The Year of a Hundred Years" ---The Centennial Exposition and the Hayes-Tilden Imbroglio
   Hayes and the Civil Service
   "The United States Will Pay" (Hard Money)
   Agrarian and Labor Movements in the Seventies
   "Anything to Beat Grant"
   Domestic Events During Mr. Arthur's Administration

This is a distinguished and distinctive history embellished with impressive photographs and illustrations which bring this important period in our history to life.

The book measures 6 1/2 inches by 9 3/4 inches by 1 1/2 inches and at 3 1/4 pounds it is an exceptionally heavy book for its size (expensive paper). Solidly bound, 390 pages long with gold top edges, this book is in good vintage condition. No marks, no tears, some foxing. There is shelf wear, and the book corners are turned, although there is an interesting beveling on the edges of the deep red cloth cover. The greatest defect is the faded spine.

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