Imitation Pearls, Small Acrylic Beads, Assorted Colors for Spring and Summer handmade jewelry designs and DIY accessories - necklaces, bracelets, anklets, earrings, beading projects, decorative arts and crafts, hat making, hair designs, sewing embellishments and fabric adornments. Lovely for wedding / bridal fashions for bride and bridesmaids.
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Tiny Imitation Pearls, Small Acrylic Beads, Assorted Colors

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In a variety of shapes and sizes, this mixed lot of colorful faux pearls is full of inspiration for your DIY jewelry makings, accessories, hat and hair designs, sewing projects.

  • Material - Color coated acrylic plastic
  • Sizes - Approximately 3mm to 6mm
  • Colors - Rainbow: White, ivory cream, pink, aqua turquoise, yellow, blue, green
  • Shapes - Rounds, teardrops, rice barrel tubes, bicones
  • Finish - Pearlized, semi-gloss, glossy, near matte
  • Holes - Vary, most near 1mm - 1.5mm
  • Qty - 1 Bag loose pieces as shown in photos
  • Lot Wt - 1.6 oz= 48g

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