In Their Own Words, 1988  Interviews by David Savran
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In Their Own Words, 1988 Interviews by David Savran

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In Their Own Words Contemporary American Playwrights, 1988  consists of 20 Interviews by David Savran.

The publication year is important. Admitting to a belief that the theater is "a vehicle for social change, a locus for political and cultural dialogue," Savran chose 20 American playwrights for his interviews--with results that will interest theater enthusiasts, curiosity seekers and historians.

The interviews follow a standard format, and each one has a photograph of the playwright and a brief introduction--a little biography, some personal observations, perhaps some revelations, certainly opportunities for clarifications.

The book measures 6 inches by 9 inches by 1 inch and has 320 pages.

This paperback book is in very good condition.

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