Roderic Jeffries: 4 hardcover Inspector Alvarez mysteries
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4 Inspector Alvarez Mystery Novels by Roderic Jeffries: A Maze of Murders & 3 more

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This set of 4 hardcover Inspector Alvarez mysteries by Roderic Jefferies includes these novels:

  • A Maze of Murders, 1997
  • The Ambiguity of Murder, 1999
  • A Sunny Disappearance, 2005
  • A Question of Motive, 2009

Roderic Jeffries (1926-2017) was an extremely prolific novelist who wrote under several names. There are at least 37 mysteries in the Inspector Alvarez series. His death in 2017 is a little vague in Google, but I am assuming that it is correct.

These 4 hardcover mysteries in the Inspector Alvarez series are all in good,  condition with strong binding and excellent dust jackets. Very little foxing.

All books are clean, without tears and only the following qualifications:  an address sticker in one copy, a penned date on the flyleaf of one copy, library withdrawal marks on one copy, library marks and the flyleaf cut out on one copy.

All copies measure 5 1/2 inches by 8 3/4 inches by 3/4 inch and have 170 to 200+ pages.

By prior arrangement, we will break this set for you; please inquire for details. Thank you.

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