Kathakali, 1970 Clifford R. Jones and Betty True Jones
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Kathakali, 1970 Clifford R. Jones and Betty True Jones

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Kathakali, An Introduction to the Dance-Drama of Kerala in India, 1970 by Clifford and Betty Jones is a highly illustrated, historical and practical exploration of this major classical Indian dance-theatre.

With its narrative and pictorial presentation, this book is a basic source for understanding Kathakali. With numerous black and white  illustrations, it is a treasury of information and practical instruction. The ten page Glossary at the end of the book is a great help.

It shows all aspects of the Kathakali from the traditions and preparation for the performance through the (ATTAKATHA) poetic text (five dances: Mahabharata, Ramayana, Nala Caritam, First Day's Story, Kiratam, Kalyana Sangandhikam), the choreographic structure, musical accompaniment, acting techniques, the use of Tala and Raga in the dramatic action and the legacy of the great tradition of eye and foot movements.

This first edition book, a paperback, has had a lot of handling over the years and the wear shows with a loose cover. But the binding is firm and strong. The name of a previous owner is on the half title page; otherwise there are no markings.

It measures 9 inches by 8 inches by nearly1/2 inch and has 116 pages.

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