Long Chevron Earrings Rainbow Hematite Gemstones & Copper
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Long Chevron Earrings Rainbow Hematite Gemstones & Copper

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These long earrings, shoulder dusters with gemstones and copper, make a unique fashion statement for women who love something different in authentic handmade jewelry.

These one of a kind dangles combine shiny chevrons of rainbow hematite stones in two stations. These stacked sections are linked with graceful open hoops of hammered copper with small wire wrapped inner swirls. The top station comprises 3 stones and the lower, topped with a tiny copper accent bead, 5 stones.

The metallic palette changes with the light and movement, the flashing mirror like surfaces ranging from shades of purple and indigo to turquoise, blue green and coppery bronze. 

  • Styles:
    • Abstract  / Geometric
    • Art Deco  
    • Avant Garde  
    • Bohemian / Boho  / Gypsy / Tribal
    • Casual Elegant 
    • Eclectic / Rustic
  • Approximate dimensions:
    • Overall earring length- 3 1/4 inch shoulder dusters
    • Dangles- 2 5/8" long by 1/2" wide
  • Materials:
    • Semi-Precious Gems - Electro Plated Hematite
    • Solid Copper -
      • Hand Forged Red Bud Hook Earring Wires
      • Matching Red Head Mounting Pins
      • Spiral Connector Pins
      • Infinity S Links
      • Small Round Beads

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