Main Street, 1920 Sinclair Lewis
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Main Street, 1920 Sinclair Lewis

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Main Street, 1920 by Sinclair Lewis is an American classic.  The original publishers and the author hoped it would sell 10,000 copies its first year.   It sold 300,000.  As critics agree, it reveals America and its villages everywhere.

This copy is in good vintage condition, strong binding, no marks or tears, pages browned.

  • Presumably published in 1920 by P. F. Collier & Son Company (which existed with offices in New York 1919-1934), this copy shows only the copyright date of 1920--which is accurate with Harcourt owners of the copyright and the original publishers.
  • The original publication of Main Street had 448 pages; this copy has 451 pages and none of the identifying marks of the first edition.
  • Collier (in one company or another) published Collier's Magazine and has a long publishing history.

This is a good early hard cover copy of Main Street, probably among others arranged at the time for this extremely successful publishing venture.

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