Modern Chinese Basic Course, Grammar and Three 12-inch LP Discs 1971 by Faculty of Peking University

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Modern Chinese Basic Course, 1971 by Faculty of Peking University includes 

1. A paperback textbook for Mandarin Chinese Language using Wade Giles transliteration from Yale Education and Phonetics, and

2. Three 12-Inch LP Discs.

Modern Chinese  A Basic Course is a self-contained introduction to Mandarin Chinese as it is spoken today in China. The first 12 lessons deal with phonetics, tones and pronunciation. The grammar lessons follow. There is a Vocabulary in an appendix where there is a comparative table for Yale and Wade-Giles transcriptions systems. Happy learning!

Learning the language that a people speak is a fundamental way toward understanding those people.

The 5 1/2 inches by 8 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch paperback book with 249 pages is in good condition. The binding is strong; there are no marks or tears.

The Three 12-Inch LP Discs have never been played.

This combination book-LP Discs ships Medium Box Priority Mail.

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