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Native American Songs and Poems, 1996 An Anthology Edited Brian Swann

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Native American Songs and Poems ,1996 is An Anthology edited by Brian Swann.

This collection is a revelation to most people, beautifully expressed!

Themes of tradition and continuity, the Indians' place in contemporary society, love, loss, memory, alienation and other topics.

  • Among its 58 Songs and Poems are :
    Song for Bringing a Child into the World, Seminole
    Hymn of the Horse, Navajo
    Bear Song, Pima
    Ghost dance Songs, Arapaho
    Ghost Dance Song, Paiute
    Six Dream Songs, Wintu
    Cradle  Song, Haida
    Utitia'q's Song, Inuit
    Eagle Poem, Muscogee
    Sky Woman, Mohauk

This is a first edition with an Introductory Note and a list of References.

In very good condition, this firm paperback is a little browned in pages but free of marks and tears. Beautiful cover!  The book measures 5 1/8 inches by 8 1/4 inches by 1/4 inch and has 56 pages.

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