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One Man in His Time, 1938 Edited and Explained by Maud and Otis Skinner, First Edition

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One Man in His Time, The Adventures of H. Watkins Strolling Player 1845-1863 From His Journal, is edited, explored and interpolated into the current theatrical and social events by Maud and Otis Skinner.

It was Mrs. Skinner who first met with Amy Lee, daughter of Harry and Rose Watkins during the first World War, acquired from her this journal of her father and researched the period of the journal to present this fascinating book which provides a unique story of American theater--problems and small triumphs--through the comments and adventures of H. Watkins.  Prefaces explain the details of creation.

"One Man in His Time" tells the story of mid-19th century American theater through the  Journal (1845-1863) of Harry Watkins, a strolling player who acted many parts, wrote plays and knew many other actors whom he discusses with great frankness and perception.  The book is an invaluable treasure!

  The book's condition is good--firm binding but missing the frontispiece photograph, a few scattered penciled comments and check marks, no tears.   There are 7 photographs of major actors of the period. There is some browning of pages throughout, but the book without the dust jacket looks almost new.

The colorful and well designed dust jacket is torn and ragged but still very much intact.  The book measures 5 1/2 inches by 8 3/4 inches by 1 inch and has 258 pages.

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