Outside Broadway  1970 Lester L. Moore
Outside Broadway 1970 Lester L. Moore
Outside Broadway 1970 Lester L. Moore
Outside Broadway 1970 Lester L. Moore
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Outside Broadway 1970 Lester L. Moore

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Outside Broadway is a History of the Professional Theater in Newark, New Jersey from its beginning to 1867. Published in 1970, it was written by Lester L. Moore.

Settled in 1666, Newark had its first professional play performance in 1799 but little theater activity until the building of its first theater in 1847.

Newark theater is revealed in this history as part of the slowly developing theater entertainment in America.

Appendices provide statistics on Plays and Players as English and then American actors and playwrights appeared, disappeared or persevered.

This hardcover, First Edition book is in very good condition--strong binding and without marks or tears. Almost no shelf wear! It does show the foxing and discoloration that comes with its age.

The Scarecrow Press (established in 1950 and eventually taken over by other publishers) which published this book produced a great many books with an inexpensive format and paper.  To its credit It published many books that might not otherwise have been published and therefore did a service to scholarship and libraries, but in general its publications do not stand the years as other more expensively published books do.

The book measures 5 1/2 inches by 8 3/4 inches by 5/8 inch and has 181 pages.

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