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Oxford Dictionary 0f Rhyming Slang, 2002 John Ayto

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Oxford Dictionary 0f Rhyming Slang, 2002  by John Ayto is a lively, authoritative and up-date look at the world of urban rhyming slang , from it origins in London's 19th century underworld to the buzzwords of 21st century popney.

  • Over 3000 urban rhyming slang words
  • Phrasing in 27 themes
  • Hundreds of "real life" illustrations
  • Arranged by topic:  Crime, Food, Drink, Illness, Money, Sex, Sport

This paperback is in excellent condition--no marks, no tears, no damage.  The book measures 5 inches by 7 5/8 inches by 7/8 inch and has 309 pages, including the index.

This book ships First Class!

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